One of the primary benefits to using caffeine pills as an alternative to coffee is that the caffeine in coffee can vary so much that it’s hard scalesmall.jpgto monitor one’s dosage. Different types of beans can contain significantly different amounts of the stimulant. Add this to variations in brewing and grinding methods and the differences in caffeine content from one cup of coffee to the next can be huge. Even the same cup of coffee from your favorite Starbucks can vary as much as 2 to 3 times from day to day.

Another concern is that the size of a standard coffee today is becoming so large that most people do not even realize that they may be consuming over 500 mg of caffeine per cup.

With caffeine pills, the caffeine content is listed on each item and there is very little deviation from one pill to the next. This allows users to more accurately monitor their intake. Further, they allow the user to avoid he constant trips to the bathroom.

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